Getting Started - Four Easy Steps

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4 Easy Steps to Getting Started

Our combs are unique and essentially work "backwards," so forget everything you know about wearing hair combs. Once you understand these instructions, the Step-By-Step hair style demonstrations will teach you to create styles from start to finish.

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Step 1: Before picking up your Hairzing, pull back the section of hair you want to style and hold in place with one hand.

  • Place HairZing stretched out, laying FLAT on a counter in front of you. Comb ends should rise slightly off counter to form a "U" shape.
  • Put thumb of your free hand on center of ONE comb spine and lift that comb. Flip your hand so the thumb is under curve of comb and your fingers come up through bands on top of comb.

Step 2: Slide Comb Flat

  • With thumb touching your ear, SLIDE comb gently along scalp into hair, as flat as possible against scalp. STOP when the comb spine is 1-2 inches past your first ear.

Step 3: Hold One Comb & S-T-R-E-T-C-H the Other Comb

(Hold the first comb in place during this step by pressing down on it with the heel / palm of your first hand)

  • Reach fingertips (of first hand) through the bands and grasp hair being held in other hand.
  • Switch hands—first hand is still pressing down on comb and is also now holding section of hair, second hand is now free.
  • Grab the second comb and S-T-R-E-T-C-H it towards your opposite ear. (Don't be afraid to stretch the combs -the resin is extremely strong and won't break.) TURN teeth DOWN until they touch your scalp, tuck the comb under, and LET GO! Comb will slide back into your hair.

Step 4: Adjust for Comfort

  • If at this point the combs feel too tight, gently push them together to loosen the grip.
  • If combs are too loose, take the HairZing out and put it back in again-this time pressing down on first comb close to your first ear and STRETCHING the second comb farther apart. NOTE: the farther the combs are stretched-the tighter the hold. Counter-intuitive-but true!

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