Which HairZing size is best for you?


BEST size for :  

  • Thick/ Wavy/Long :  All hairstyles  
  • Natural Hair--Curl Patterns 3a - 4c:  All hairstyles    

Note:  Holds the most hair of all our sizes.

To hold EXTREMELY THICK hair, try wearing two overlapping Large size HairZings-customers taught us this method and it secures even waist length thick waves.

MEDIUM (smallest comb)

BEST size for:

  • Thin/Fine:  All Hairstyles 
  • Sleek/Straight :  All Hairstyles 


  • Thick/ Wavy/Long :  Pull back sections    
  • Natural Hair--Curl Patterns 3a - 4c  :  Pull back sections 

Our smallest comb, one Medium size is not large enough to hold up ALL Thick/Curly/Wavy or Natural Hair.   Use instead to pull sections back (half-up half down, ponytails, braids, bangs).

Also try overlapping TWO Medium sizes or switch to a LARGE size for better hold. 


(woven tighter for super snug hold)

BEST size for:

THIN/FINE:  All hairstyles

SLEEK hair :  (All lengths)  All hairstyles.      If hair accessories tend to slip out of your hair, this size is perfect!

NOTE: Thick/Wavy and Natural Curl 3a - 4c : Snug size is too tight to hold all your hair, but works well on sections & ponytails. 

If you're not sure, check out our guarantee.

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