Just a Tug...Holds Snug

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Just a Tug…Holds Snug

HairZings can be adjusted to be really, really snug or just a little snug. It's all in the tug. Learn the various tugging techniques to get just the snug you want.

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The combs and stretch-bands work together to form a "locking hold." When the combs are stretched apart, they hold in place because the bands maintain tension between them.

To Tighten:

Stretch the combs wide apart - even ear to ear. The farther you stretch, the tighter the grip. Hold the first comb in place so it won't slip, and s-t-r-e-t-c-h the second comb to other side.

To Loosen:

Gently reach up and push the combs together, towards the center of the head. The grip immediately loosens. Stop when you find the most comfortable fit.

If the combs feel like they are slipping or too loose:

  • Make a Butterfly Twist in the center to tighten.
  • Stretch the combs farther apart when you are putting into your hair.
  • Move the combs up onto wider curve of your head (as opposed to nape of your neck).

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