HairZing Comfy Combs

Sleek, soft, and stretchy. This is our unique blend of silicone, you won't find it anywhere else. Think "Strong meets Silk and has a baby called Stretch."

Flexibility built into the comb design, so it moves as you do.

Soft & supple silicone straps are impervious to heat and water, so go ahead--leave them in your hair poolside, and don't worry if you forget them on the hot dashboard of your car.

Seriously. A sheer delight to slip into your hair.


"I have used this HairZing for years, because it works. I wear my hair loosely pulled back at the nape of my neck or tighten it up and wear it higher on my head in a twist. The HairZing never falls out or feels uncomfortable."

- Flora Koester, Cairo, MI
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Comfy Comb: Celtic
Price: $16.95