About Us

We Practice Inspired Trade
...women supporting women.

We believe business can be a great equalizer and HairZing is dedicated to creating business opportunities for women everywhere we operate. Economic independence gives women the ability to provide for their families which, in turn, stabilizes regions devastated by poverty and lack of resources. It also increases women's power in their traditional societies.

HairZings are 100% hand beaded by women artisans working in small businesses, collectives, workshops, or home environments. We offer dignified work, flexible schedules, and the ability to earn fair wages. We also provide on-going financial, technical, marketing and management assistance as needed. Learning sound business practices helps ensure women build sustainable companies and earn income for the long term.

Produced in Africa, Asia, and expanding into the USA

We are actively looking at areas within the United States that could become "Team Zing" regions for upcoming products. We want to build jobs at home as well as abroad.

AFRICA: Our African Collection is produced by the Maasai women in Kenya. They enthusiastically launched their collective "Olorien" (meaning "olive tree") and are proud to sustain themselves using their legendary beading skills.

ASIA: HairZing is also made in rural China. Due to lack of jobs, women are forced to leave their children behind for factory labor in larger cities. Because of the distance, they are often separated from their children for most of the year. As an alternative, we established a worker-centered company where the women are able to stay with their families, earn fair wages, and control when and where they work.

Ultimately, our goal is that every woman involved with HairZing - from craftswomen to customers - is bettered in some way because of our products.

Environmental Concerns

When designing our product, we take great care to use as many renewable and recyclable materials as possible. For example, this often means substituting bamboo beads (a renewable resource) for wooden beads, or glass for plastic whenever possible.

Sometimes our choices, although better in the long run, are more expensive in the short term. Living in an imperfect world, we cannot always find as environmentally friendly materials as we would like…..but we keep looking. We are dedicated to offering superior quality, smashingly gorgeous products without sacrificing the planet we share.

We welcome your suggestions on raw materials and/or processes which can further improve our efforts.

We are Listening

We love to hear from our customers! Please take a moment to contact us with suggestions OF ANY KIND. We are constantly evolving and your input is vital to us on every level.