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    No pulling. No pressure. No damage.

    Natural Hair, Locs and Braids
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  • So comfortable, it's like yoga pants for your hair.

  • The fastest lift your fine-thin hair will ever get.

    The fastest lift your fine-thin hair will ever get.

    No pulling. No pressure. No breakage.

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Quick Hairstyling Videos

Hairzing For Thick Hair

Hairzing For Thin Hair

Hairzing French Twist

Hairzing Peacock Twist

Ponytails, Buns, Up-Dos, Twists, Faux-Hawks and Banana Combs





Two combs. One Purpose.

We created HairZing to help women like you conquer your day.
If your day includes building a fort with your kids, walking the puppy or planning a corporate takeover...

You are our Purpose

Can we take credit for your amazing accomplishments?
No. But we'll accept praise for taking care of your hair, so you can conquer the world.